Calling all property valuers

I’m getting a sense of urgency that permeates my soul.
We need to hurry up with the paperwork and it is truly out of our hands right now.

*Authenticated Documents to come TODAY*
*Authenticated Documents sent to D.C.*
*Authenticated Documents sent to our agency from D.C.*
*LOA* for Dalton* (LOA= Letter of Acceptance)*
We need this paperwork to get moving soon! brisbane property valuer getting the sense that things will be happening soon, BIG things, and we will need to move quickly!

We need to get our funds completely raised.
I don’t want to seem like I’m hounding; quite the contrary, I feel completely blessed that we are so loved and complete strangers are stepping forward to give!

Will you pray with us?
Will you please consider helping us meet the shortfall in funds?