What conclusion can be given by the website development ?

In three months they moved us from no where (page 23 on Google) to 3rd or 4th positions on page .We plotted the growth in visitors and sales from October 2006 when  graphic design jobs Brisbane  they started their .Month on month we have seen an increase in both fields. This is an increase on last year we are now 200% ahead of our website sales. Its very .Initially we thought the rates were high and had to dig deep to find the funds let alone justify .

We have been ‘had’ many times with our website and spent of money trying to increase sales through it. website sales have now paid back the amount spent on getting us to page one of Google and we are now looking to invest more money with Smart .They are very helpful; will give you an honest opinion; advise as best they can; help with anything to do with the where they can and are very friendly communicative people on the end of the .

a young company, Property Valuers Adelaide not trading long from what we can gather, but they have some great ideas and seem to know what talking . with Smart Traffic has been a pleasure and a success from the very beginning. We did extensive research into other companies for and found Smart Traffic to be the most professional moved us up the ladder on search engines as . company started selling blank media on the in November 2006; initially our sales came from pay per click .

We soon that this was not a long term option due to the cost in relation to . As our understanding grew of the business we that we needed a higher profile on the and that we would need ideally to be in the top five on the front page of the Google search . We spoke to numerous companies regarding assistance with our site to enable us to reach this .